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About WOW

At WOW Global Ministries, our mission is to build a community of prayer-centered women (and men), from diverse backgrounds, fostering love and support ,where Kingdom women unite in fellowship, pray with their feet, and support different causes while working together with prayer as their primary ministry. We mentor, coach, offer corporate prayer gatherings, walks and online groups, and mentorship and discipleship programs to deepen prayer lives and leadership skills, ultimately seeking to impact the world and transform lives through the love of Jesus Christ.


At WOW Global Ministries, we provide opportunities for women to enrich their prayer lives through corporate prayer gatherings, prayer walks, and online prayer groups, while also offering mentorship and discipleship programs to strengthen their biblical knowledge and leadership skills.




Vice President


Myesha Marie Langrey

Vice President


Tamara Mackroy



Dr. Obioma Martin


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Our Mission

Our Mission

WOW Global Ministries fosters a prayer-centered community of women and men from diverse backgrounds, promoting a loving and supportive environment where Kingdom women can connect and mentor one another. We believe in the transformative power of prayer to change lives and heal hearts. Our organization provides opportunities for women to deepen their prayer lives, such as through corporate prayer gatherings, online groups, and mentoring programs that promote leadership skills and Bible knowledge. Our prayer-focused ministry intercedes for the needs of others, shares the love of Jesus Christ, and inspires women to become prayer warriors for Kingdom purposes.


Our Vision

WOW Ministries Global envisions a global community of women and men united in prayer, transforming lives and making a difference in the world. We create a culture of prayer that equips women with skills and knowledge to be effective prayer warriors. Our mission is to empower women to pray boldly, grow in faith and impact the world through prayer, bringing hope, healing and transformation to families, communities and nations.

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